Honey Oil for Cancer?


Being diagnosed with the Big C is a terminal experience. Treatments abound from the medical industry with little of it really being effective at all. Carpet bombing the body with Chemo has an efficacy rate of 3% – so why even bother?

Radical change is required mentally, emotionally and physically to stem the scourge of rouge cells slowly cutting off the force of life. Eliminating acidity from the diet involves a radical approach to food where even sugar is a major threat to health. Achieving peace of mind is probably the most difficult task.

Numerous natural compounds are known to effect a positive change in the body and provide support during fatal dis-ease conditions. Which to use is limited by the knowledge about the option and then a way to access said support option. Just making the decision to use a natural protocol treatment is stressful enough when the health professionals find out that the “accepted” treatment will not be an option! Several natural options are available – even though some are restricted by law.

Butane Honey Oil is 99% pure extraction from Cannabis Sativa of the CBD and THC compound in the plant, with most other components left behind. A Phenol type oil delivered in a carrier making it easy to dispense the very sticky substance. Over 700 debilitating conditions in the human body can be affected positively in consuming this controversial “Oil”. As a super detoxer and positive neurotransmitter proven by science to be super effective for treating poor health – albeit the information being well suppressed.

Honey Oil can be sourced from manufacturers in various countries worldwide now operating legally, but not so in South Africa yet. So to find help is a private and personal option that needs be exercised carefully. Organic and pesticide free Honey Oil can be sourced as long as the procedure is managed responsibly.

Friends that have been cleared of the “C” diagnosis and even pets that survived their terminal condition are a joy to behold as they cherish their new found health and normalised quality of “Life”.



Why the world is sicker now than 30 years ago

the Industrial Food System

If it comes in a bag, box, can or bottle, take a look. Take a really good look.

Food is not your friend. It never has been in spite of the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of “feel good” advertising they’ve run over the last 100 plus years.They are in the business of putting the cheapest possible ingredients into the fanciest possible bags and selling it to you at the highest possible price regardless of the harm it causes you.But you don’t have to buy it.

You can opt out of this right now.

Start growing food for your family.

The more you do this – the less pathogens your family will have to consume.