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Why the world is sicker now than 30 years ago

the Industrial Food System

If it comes in a bag, box, can or bottle, take a look. Take a really good look.

Food is not your friend. It never has been in spite of the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of “feel good” advertising they’ve run over the last 100 plus years.They are in the business of putting the cheapest possible ingredients into the fanciest possible bags and selling it to you at the highest possible price regardless of the harm it causes you.But you don’t have to buy it.

You can opt out of this right now.

Start growing food for your family.

The more you do this – the less pathogens your family will have to consume.



MMS – Is this the hidden solution to Humanities health problems?


MMS – Master Mineral Solution

A simple chemical that does a simple job. It cleans your body of pathogens. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

This is a mineral (chemical molecule) called Chlorine Dioxide that has made it possible for thousands of people desperate for cures of their clinical conditions to self-treat their conditions back to a normal health experience.

The main body of information form the originator of this solution to ill health can be read at www.jimhumble.biz.

Many article abound on the internet and as many protracting statements of how “bad” this mineral is for the human body! All written by classical pear review trained medical “specialists”!

It is supplied in kit form in two containers – one of 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite and one of 10% solution of Citric Acid (a standard food additive) which acts as the activator.

When sodium chlorite is activated by an acid compound such as lemon juice or citric acid – it releases Chlorine Dioxide in gaseous form – normally contained in solution at first. With added water – it is taken in a per-described protocol to deal with a health condition that is responsible for many ills suffered today by people partaking in the adulterated food chain and developing one of many ills. The most famous being Malaria! Doctors will claim Malaria is for life, but a simple two day procedure on MMS will result in a negative test for the infamous disease – a cure!

There are many more such experiences and are quoted in the above link to the exposure by Jim Humble, a man that is leading the way back to simple yet precious health!

MMS is available from conscientious manufacturers and may be found all over the world.

To acquire such a treatment kit – simply send an email where the product should be available at the standard price of $20 as recommended  by Jim. Delivery expenses may be the only extra charge incurred.

To obtain this product – send an email with your request to the listed eMail address.

My Health … Our Health

Welcome to “this is my health.” It is our mission to list a host of healthy alternatives to what is available in the mainstream. It is our vision to educate what we have learnt in our walk of life, as to what has worked for us and others with severe illnesses.

Why is the main concept of health that of treatment? Why are so many today suffering strapped immune system responses? Why is so much medication required to be healthy? Just some of the questions we will play with.

We embark on this journey with the passion for life as we experience it where we live life to the fullest.

“The path of the righteous is narrow…”

With Love and Healthy Wishes